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Core Metrics

Core Metrics

Core Metrics studies can be conducted at the corporate level or for a particular line of business and, as such, are usually framed around a company brand or a product.  These studies provide senior leadership with all the information they need to effectively execute in the marketplace, and may include:

  1. Deployment metrics
  2. Market share and penetration estimates
  3. Awareness, consideration, preference, purchase
  4. Perceptual analysis
  5. Drivers of vendor / product selection
  6. Switching dynamics
  7. Purchase dynamics
  8. Assessment of strategic issues


Segmentation studies give our clients the ability to segment a market and to identify areas with the most potential traction.  Segmentation can be at the corporate level for strategic purposes or at the tactical level to optimize share for a specific offering.  Through segmentation research, our clients are able to:

  1. Define market segments
  2. Develop segment personas
  3. Profiling of a-priori segments
  4. Identify specific actions likely to have the highest impact on each of the segments
  5. Create tools to classify future respondents into segments
Pricing And Packaging

Pricing and Packaging

Pricing and Packaging research helps our clients to price and package their products for optimal share or profitability.  We use a variety of techniques to optimize pricing and packaging decisions depending on the stage of market maturity, product development, and/or business risk.

  1. SKU optimization
  2. Licensing models
  3. Volume arrangements
  4. Volume discounts
  5. Component elasticity analysis
  6. Share simulations
Concept Testing

Concept Testing

Concept Testing will determine the traction a new product is likely to get in the market and indicate how to increase the product’s potential uptake.  New product concepts are tested by assessing:

  1. How things are being done today
  2. Problem areas and unfulfilled needs
  3. Reaction to the concept (metrics and assessment of drivers and barriers)
  4. Deep dive into specific elements of the product concept
  5. Impact if offered by client vis-a-vis the competition
  6. Thoughtful advice from the market

The testing methods and techniques we incorporate take in consideration a variety of factors, including market readiness, the stage of concept development and its complexity.  Where possible we include standard metrics (either our client’s or our own) for comparative analysis.

Customer Benchmarking and Tracking

Customer Benchmarking and Tracking

Customer Benchmarking studies are designed to determine what can be achieved if customers use a company’s product(s) in an optimal manner.  Specifically, we have looked at:

  1. The operational, financial, and business benefits associated with the deployment of a product
  2. Bridges and barriers to achieving these benefits

We have also conducted numerous studies that are designed to:

  1. Benchmark customers’ habits, usage and practices
  2. Assess the impact of competitive brands and products (i.e., how well does your product stack up against your industry rivals and specifically opportunities through SWOT analysis)
  3. Model and track Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty
Core Metrics for Execution

Core Metrics for Execution

Management Insight Technologies provides executives insights on how best to improve corporate execution. Our company has a unique, comprehensive, scientifically valid organizational model that leverages the knowledge and perceptions of the workforce regarding corporate strategy, leadership effectiveness, core technology, processes, and working environment.

Our advanced analytics allow us to build predictive models that indicate the best return on potential investments company executives can make across the disciplines cited above. One example is our ability to segment the workforce into groups that will respond differently to different initiatives.

We leverage similar methodologies used by product planners and marketers to optimize their offerings for unique segments in the marketplace. Our Core Metrics models are used by most of the leading technology companies to drive their top-level strategy, and measure progress against objectives. Our Core Metrics for Execution model takes employee benchmarking to the next level by developing a unique, specific model for your company.

Additional Services

Additional Services

While the services above represent a majority of the work we do, we have capabilities in other areas, including:

  1. Product/market studies
  2. Channel studies
  3. Customer experience/satisfaction studies
  4. Product and feature optimization studies
  5. Brand and product positioning studies
  6. Message development and testing
  7. Creative ad development and custom copy testing
  8. Ad and brand tracking studies (could also be in benchmarking)
  9. Technical trials and beta testing
  10. Go-To-Market and market trial evaluation
  11. Product design and UI testing