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Core Metrics

  • Measure the effectiveness of your business strategy with Core Metrics.
  • These studies provide you with all the information you need to effectively execute in the marketplace including deployment metrics, market share/penetration estimates, awareness/consideration/preference, perceptual analysis, product planning and more. 
  • Core Metrics can be conducted at the corporate level, a line-of-business,  or a product category.


  • Define the segments that exist in your market and identify actions most likely to have the highest strategic impact on each of the segments. 
  • We provide tools to help classify future respondents into segments or profile previously defined segments.
  • We offer segmentation at the corporate level for strategic purposes or at the tactical level to optimize share for a specific offering.

Pricing and Packaging

  • Price and Package for optimal share or profitability depending on the stage of market maturity, product development, and/or business risk.
  • Techniques include SKU optimization, licensing models, volume arrangements, volume discounts, component elasticity analysis, and share simulations.

Concept Testing

  • Test your concept before or after launch to determine market reception and potential uptake. 
  • Testing methods take market readiness and the stage of concept development /concept complexity into account. 
  • We include standardized metrics for comparative analysis.

Customer Benchmarking and Tracking

  • Track your customer’s engagement to determine what can be achieved if customers use your company’s product(s) in an optimal manner. 
  • We investigate the benefits associated with the deployment of a product, barriers to achieving benefits, bench-marking customers’ habits, usage and practices, assessing the impact of competitive brands and products, and model customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Operational Alignment Assessment

  • Compare and contrast perceptions within your company to market perceptions. 
  • We build predictive models that indicate the best return on potential investments company executives can make across the disciplines. 
  • In combination with our Core Metrics model, our Operational Alignment Assessment develops a tailored trajectory for your company from inside looking out.

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Other areas of research include:

Product / Market Studies

Message Development and Testing

Channel Studies

Ad and Brand Tracking Studies

Product Design and UI Testing

Customer Experience /
Satisfaction Studies

Brand and Product Positioning Studies

Go-To-Market and Market Trial Evaluation

Product and Feature Optimization Studies

Creative Ad Development and Custom Copy Testing


Dashboard (300x200)

Predictive Modeling

  • Regression analysis (linear and logistic)
  • Multiple discriminant analysis (MDA)
  • Path analysis
  • Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)
Mapping (300x200)

Perceptual Mapping

  • Factor analysis to identify constructs underlying brand attributes
  • Perceptual mapping of brands among those who prefer a brand and those who do not
  • Correspondence analysis
Trends Dashboard (300x200)

Tracking Methodologies

  • Track metrics over time to watch trends in data
  • Identify statistically significant differences in order to make rigorous statements about what has changed
  • Use effect sizing when statistical significance is not appropriate

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