Case Studies

Core Metrics

A major IT manufacturer wanted to better understand its position in legacy markets and its potential to grow sales in emerging markets. MIT designed a Core Metrics study to increase understanding of the brand’s competitive standing at the corporate and category level.  Technology landscape questions in the twice-annual tracking study assessed market adoption rates for new technologies and services.  Perceptual ratings in the study identified strengths and weaknesses of the brand relative to competitors to help shape messaging themes.  Marketing effectiveness was tracked via message recall and brand identification questions.

A global communications provider wanted to develop go-to-market programs that would leverage customer organizational adoption of digital transformation processes and practices. MIT developed a market segmentation model based on customers’ digital preferences and behaviors.  A gearbox tool was developed to map existing customer database records to the digital transformation segments.  Potential programs and practices were identified to leverage customer digital preferences for more efficient engagement throughout the product and services lifecycle.


Pricing and Packaging

A provider of a consumable technology product wanted to understand market adoption potential and price elasticity of a new distribution model. MIT used an Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint methodology for testing price points and program features to determine what mix would lead to maximum level of adoption in multiple countries.  MIT developed a market simulator tool that estimated adoption forecasts within 2% of actual market uptake.

We combined qualitative and quantitative concept testing exercise for a client interested in studying its impact among a specific segment of the market. We conducted several focus groups globally, diving deep into the needs and pain points unique to this market segment, then measured reactions to the clients potential solutions. Key themes were unveiled, helping to both inform the design of the proceeding quantitative study and form a cohesive and comprehensive story with clear actionable insights for our client.

Concept Testing

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